Rebuild, Recover, Restore

Our vision is to impact and restore families and communities beyond trauma - giving voice to the silent and healing the broken-hearted.

Our Mission

At B Free 2 Fly International (BF2F), we work collaboratively to build self-efficient, self-aware, and whole individuals and communities without violence. Our program's main goal is to assist people in recovering from trauma by providing high-quality compassionate services that are age appropriate and tailored to the needs of those served. In doing so, we help clients recover from trauma with dignity, while establishing habits, behaviors, or routines that mitigate re-traumatization to the greatest degree possible.

Core values

Photo of people holding women empowerment signs

Safety and humanity

We believe healthy families and relationships are the building blocks of an empowered community.

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Integrity and transparency

We value our commitment to high standards of honesty, absolute confidentiality, and accountability for our actions and words.

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Choice and collaboration

We are committed to actions and decisions that secure the wellbeing of every individual we serve, our community, and our organization.

photo of Scrabble letters that spell "resilience"

Resilience and empowerment

We respect and honor everyone’s path and encourage them to use their strengths in attaining personal empowerment.


BF2F International, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations appreciated.

Partner with us

We embrace interdependency by working collaboratively within our organization and our community.


Volunteer through tasks like community outreach, advocacy, direct service work, and more.

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