About BF2F International


BF2F International, Inc., (BF2F) is a Texas nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established March 25, 2022, and located in Richmond, TX.  Our mission is to impact and restore families and communities beyond trauma! Giving voice to the silent and healing the broken-hearted.

“BF2F” is an acronym for “B Free 2 Fly.” We fulfill our mission each day through our BF2F Masterminds program. This program provides trauma recovery services for low-income men, women, and children who are currently experiencing or have recently experienced trauma such as domestic violence/intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, complex trauma, situational grief, depression, or even severe bullying.  At its core, the BF2F Masterminds program helps people realign their thinking process so their mind is prepared for optimal growth, purpose, peace, and balance.

The chief aim of our program is to assist people in recovering from trauma by providing high-quality compassionate services that are age appropriate and tailored to the needs of those served.  In doing so, we help clients recover from trauma with dignity, while establishing habits, behaviors, or routines that mitigate re-traumatization to the greatest degree possible.

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